frequently asked questions

How Helpkisaan works?

At Helpkisaan buyer or seller can register their leads free of cost.In case any buyer is interested in any requirement of seller so helpkisaan do the matchmaking for buyer and seller.

Do helpkisaan is free for buyers and seller?

Yes it is a free service for both buyer and seller for listing their crop on helpkisaan webportal.

What service Helpkisaan provide?

Helpkisaan provides matchmaking service for buyers and sellers .It can help in closing the deal between buyer and seller.For matchmaking service buyer and seller can contact us at or call us at 9559773887

What if my product category is not mentioned on Helpkisaan?

In case your product category is not mentioned on Helpkisaan then in case of fruits you can select the option other fruits to list your buying or selling lead.In case of vegetables all queries will be entered in Vegetable section only.